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Anna Faris Hugs A Topless Eugenio Derbez In A Yellow Bikini!

Anna Faris Hugs A Topless Eugenio Derbez In A Yellow Bikini!

Anna Faris was pictured hugging Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez in an intimate scene. They were filming scenes for the remake of Overboard (2018) from the original 1987 comedy classic which starred Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell which was released 30 years ago! Anna Faris had just split from husband Chris Pratt during these pictures. Anna Faris plays Kate in the lead role which is currently being filmed in the Vancouver area is set for release in 2018. Eugenio Derbez plays the role of Leonardo and the new movie switches the roles of the two main characters. In the original Goldie Hawn played the spoiled and wealthy yacht owner. Anna looked stunning in the yellow bikini and sunglasses as she was seen larking around on set during takes. Eva Longoria also joined the cast to play Kate’s BFF in the romantic comedy. Pictures dated 7th August 2017.

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